Wednesday, March 5, 2014

National Nutrition Month® - 2014 - From the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

What does Eating Right mean to me?
I use this example often when counseling on eating right: what type of fuel do you use for your car? Why? Price sometimes plays a role in the decision making, but on average, most would say, "Whatever the manual says I should use," so that the car runs at its best, with as little problems as possible. We want good gas mileage, and a long-lasting, well-tuned machine. Spending a little extra on that premium gas may save someone hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs down the road.

So why do we not have that same mentality on our living, breathing bodies? We don't take our vehicles for granted, shouldn't also pay some of that same attention to ourselves? Cars come and go, even with great care and maintenance, but we get only one body, that doesn't offer too many chances to repair and replace used-up parts.

The common response to healthy eating is that healthy food is expensive, and manufacturers and fast-food joints make it easy to come across a cheaper meal for the family, even though it may be bad for me. True, it can be expensive to buy healthy foods, but how much do medical bills cost these days?

I have actually conducted a price comparison of a sample trip to the grocery store, purchasing healthy foods vs. a trips to a fast food restaurant using only $20. Check it out in this power point presentation: Nutrition Made Simple. The results may surprise you!

I ENJOY the healthy foods that are so right for my body, and have tasted what real, wholesome food is. "Eating Right" to me means taking care of what God gave me, helping it to run as efficiently and effectively as it can using the proper fuel, and feeling great doing it! It means setting an example for those who think it is not possible in this economy, or simple don't have the motivation or know where to start. It also means that I have the potential to live a longer, healthier life to be around for future generations in my family.

What does Eating Right mean to you? Where can you make improvements today?

I'm Blogging National Nutrition MonthVisit the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website at to find out more about nutrition and the joy of "eating right". National Nutrition Month®

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