Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Healthy Ranch Dip

A brilliant coworker of mine told me about this dip recipe she had. As a vegetarian, her diet often lacks in adequate protein. She uses foods such as beans, nuts, and dairy to make up for the absence of meat in her diet. One dairy food with a great source of protein for anyone, not just vegetarians, is cottage cheese. Cottage cheese has almost 30g of protein in one serving. I am NOT a picky eater, but cottage cheese, as healthy as it is, has always grossed me out from it's clumpy texture. It grossed my coworker out, too...until the brilliant idea came. If the texture is what grosses her out, change it! And so she did.

She blended 2 cups of cottage cheese and silky smooth, much like yogurt. She added 1 packet of Hidden Valley Ranch, blended again. Voila! Ranch dip! She mentioned using it to dip carrots and other yummy vegetables. I had to try it- it was WONDERFUL! I had my husband try it, too, who approved. The saltiness of the cheese went great with the ranch flavor, and it was a nice alternative to other dips. This would be a fabulous idea for a party or get-together!

Tip: Keep in mind keeping all foods in moderation, not just the unhealthy ones. Cottage cheese (low-fat 1%) still has 2g of fat/serving (1g sat fat), and over 900 mg of sodium. Have 1-2 T with some veggies as a healthy snack.

Recipe: (Makes several servings)

2 C 1% Cottage Cheese
1 (1-oz) packet Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning


Blend until smooth! Store in refrigerator after use; will keep for 3-5 days.

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